Friday, February 5, 2010

Why cant hardener for horses hooves work on guitarist's nails?

I have been using Tuff Stuff, hoof medicine on my nails daily for over a month now, with some success and no ill effects. I want to switch to a Keratin based product that penetrates the hoof and strengthens the entire body of the hoof itself. Not just surface only. The company says for horses only, but so do the, Tuff Stuff, people. What gives? I desperately need stronger fingernails, and Salon folks say there is no such thing. Let me hear from some one who knows this stuff.

As far as horses hooves go, there is an old cowboy saying, '; One white foot and a white nose, buy him. two white feet and a white nose, try him. three white feet and a white nose, cut off his head and feed him to the crows....Weak hooves! I am an old cowboy, and the way my nails are, I must be crow bait!Why cant hardener for horses hooves work on guitarist's nails?
they sell nail hardener for humans at the pharmacy.

my mom used to mix a powder in water that she got at the Px.

Tho I cannot remember the name.Why cant hardener for horses hooves work on guitarist's nails?
My sister-in-law uses horse conditioner on her hair and cow bag balm to soften her skin so I don't see why you can't use the keratin product on your nails if you use it externally only.

My family has a store that sells animal products. The reason a lot of manufacturers say ';for animal use only'; is because it's extremely costly to get FDA approval for human use. It also carries MUCH higher liability to market products for human use.
Most hoof and nail hardeners have formaldehyde in them which causes microcracks in the hoof/nail over time so you end up worse off than when you started.
I know hooflex works...when i used it regularly on my horses my nails grew hard and strong from being in contact with it often
I think Knox Gelatine Powder in the orange box is what a previous answer was referring to. They say its made from animal hooves. This is my own recent discovery: Hummus! Just this week I noticed how great my nails look. They are always a mess. Now they are strong, not dry or peeling. The only thing it could possibly be is the hummus I've been eating about 5 days per week. I eat it with a pita. There has been no other change in my diet, medication and I don,t take vitamins. So give it a try. It's a healthy snack. Sally Hansen nail products are good too. When I used to stock shelves, their polish was the only way I could grow nails. They have a variety of products besides polish. Pregnancy vitamins give you great nails %26amp; there is nothing in them that would hurt a man.

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